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Client Survey

Just a quick survey to see if we'd be a good fit. Should take you about 4 minutes to complete.

The purpose of this survey is for me to learn enough about your business to get you a proposal together.

All the data on this site is encrypted, so your information is secure.  Though, if you’d like me to sign an NDA first, just give me a call and we’ll make that happen.

General Information

We'll start with some baseline information about your and your company.


Here, I'll learn a bit more about the execution details you had in mind.



Now, let's talk about the aesthetic parts of your project.

The Bottom Line

Here, we'll discuss just how your company makes money. I'll need this information to see if I can even help you make more.

  Heads up! Just so there's no surprises, you should know that I currently have a project minimum of $3,500 — this includes roughly 1-2 week's worth of design work.

Performance Metrics

Here, I'll figure out what specific special functionality you'll need, and then learn how to best deliver on that for you.

Alright, you made it!

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