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Every now and then, when I’m browsing the web, I’ll bump into a website that catches my eye.

Something that’s really distinct from the crowd and uniquely modern in some way that you really enjoy the experience of browsing the site, or just sit in awe of it’s beauty.

Then, I’d come back to my personal portfolio, and just be shocked at how lame it was:




As a web developer, I couldn’t stand for this, so I figured it was time to actually make one of those “unique and distinct” sites for myself.

The Problem

I wanted something distinct, something unique, something that would capture visitors’ attention for more than just a moment, though I didn’t want to use a template (because I wanted all the flexibility I could muster to show off my design capabilities!).

In a nutshell, I wanted…

A personal website that would act as a simple medium through which I can showcase everything I’ve accomplished so far in life, in a unique & modern way.

The Solution

Since there were really no strict business objectives for the site, my goals were a little more qualitative than usual:

  • The site must be a single page (simplicity).
  • The site must be completely visible on a standard 1920 x 720 screen.
  • The site must be completely unique.
  • The site must be “weird” in that it doesn’t look like a normal website.

As you can see, I seem to have captured the essence of those goals quite well:




Particularly, the site doesn’t even look like a (traditional) website.  It’s more like a floating, interactive business card — that’s exactly what I was trying to do.

The Results

In all, I’m actually very proud of the results of this daring endeavor!  I’ve crafted a fairly unique and modern web presence for myself, that explains what I’ve done in a really simple yet engaging way:


Site Showcase: Marc McDougall's Personal Portfolio



It was such a blast to be able to push the limits of web design without worrying about external expectations or requirements.  Perhaps I’ll update my portfolio again next month…

Key Takeaways

While building out this site, I learned the following:

  • The more creative you get with your design, the more intensely you need to focus on cross-browser compatibility.
  • If you’re going to design something really unique, make sure you have the mobile layouts planned before starting.
  • Absolute positioning as the key to unique designs.
  • Biggest Takeaway: Just having fun building a site tends to result in fantastic design.


I'm currently available for work starting September 1st, 2016.

Let me blow your expectations out of the water.

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