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2018 Update: Since my work with Tazscapes, it looks like the design has been altered significantly from its original form by Ace SEO Consulting, and now it looks quite disorganized.  Please bear that in mind if you view the site. 🙂

How do you feel when you look at this picture?

Although I don’t know you, I’d wager that you feel a mix of admiration, awe, curiosity, and perhaps even a bit of jealousy.  Why?

Obviously the Lamborghini is backed by a marketing engine as powerful as the engines themselves, but there’s something more.  Every shape, curve, and feature of cars like these are built to make you think one thing: premium.

Taz of Tazscapes, Inc. approached me because he wanted his website to get people thinking the same way.  This is the story of how I made that happen.

The Problem

Like most of the people that come to me with a problem, Taz had a branding issue.  As you can see below, his work was absolutely outstanding, but his site told a different story.

I mean…just look at that. Right??

Taz was faced with the following problem:

I want to position myself online as a quality service provider in the local area by leveraging the influential nature of my past work on a premium website, and my current web presence doesn’t do that.

We talked on the phone for a few hours to get the messaging he wanted to express just right, then we set off to find a solution.

The Solution

Taz wanted to stand out in the local Calgary landscaping market.  He didn’t want to adhere to the standard “green & earthy” color schemes his competitors had chose to use.  We had to make his brand “pop” and express the idea that Tazscapes had something new and awesome to share with the world.

We decided that a yellow high-contrast color scheme best fit Taz’s modern message:

From there, we got started working on the logo and the web presence itself.

Given how much brand analysis we had done, cranking out the first iteration of the site was almost trivial.  We wanted to stick to some rules:

  • It had to be an incredibly-visual experience.
  • The brand accent color had to cascade across the page.
  • It had to load very quickly.
  • The site had to be simple and easy to use.

We were able to hit the mark on page load times:

…and here’s what it ended up looking like when we were done:

The Tazscapes website.

We were almost done with the project, though still had to finalize the brand logo and business cards.  Thankfully, my graphic designer works faster than I do:

Pardon the black background, I wanted to make sure that the white part would show up on my site.

..and here’s what his business cards ended up looking like:

This is the back side.
This is the front side.

Imagine how you’d feel after being handed a card like that.

We wanted to create something that was compelling and screamed “premium” in contrast to an industry that was becoming increasingly-commoditized, and that’s exactly what we did.

The end result, responsive to a tee.

Key Takeaways

As I work with more and more clients, I get progressively-better at doing what I do.  Constant learning and growth is so critically-important as a freelancer.

Here’s what I learned working with Taz:

  • Biggest Takeaway: It’s incredibly-important to maintain authorship of the design and guide clients towards a win/win solution for them and their customers.
  • Visual experiences are almost always the most compelling (especially in the design space).
  • Quality photography can make or break a website.

I'm currently available for work starting September 1st, 2016.

Let me blow your expectations out of the water.

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