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Call it fate, but my back was aching when I got a call from a local spinal surgeon who wanted to polish up his web presence.

Despite the pain, I was able to sit with Shiveindra for a while and listen to the problems he was experiencing with his brand.  He’s a really unique guy, who brought along a really unique project.

Let’s dive in and I’ll show you how I gave Shiveindra a compelling platform for his brand.

The Problem

Like most business owners that talk to me, Shiveindra’s problem was a little bigger than he had originally thought.  We eventually settled on this problem statement:

Shiveindra does not have a local brand presence out-with the network of local practitioners in the local Seattle area.  We need to design and deploy a brand that (1) gives him more reach, and (2) inspires confidence in his abilities.

As always, I broke down the problem into it’s composite parts:

  1. We need a brand on which to build a web presence; and..
  2. This web presence needs to be built to both inspire confidence in his brand and in his ability to perform the procedures in which he specializes.

After some strategizing, SpinePro was born!

The Solution

We started with the basics: color schema and logo choice.

The color schema was easy.  Given the target demographic, we wanted a color schema that did 2 things:

  • Inspired confidence and professionalism.
  • Calmed anyone viewing it.

We wanted visitors who visit his site (who are likely very nervous about going through a spinal procedure) to feel at rest when visiting the site.  In the same vein, we wanted to inspire confidence in the brand.

How could we do that?

Answer: purple.

This color schema for Shiv’s new brand.

I then took Shiv’s new color palette and dove into the world of graphic design with Johanna from DesignByJo and she got started crafting a wonderful logo for the brand.

Here’s the result:

Shiv’s logo for his new brand.

Shiv wanted his name to be very closely tied to the brand, so we took his initials and wrapped them up neatly in a modern, clean, logo.

In the meantime, I was busy building Shiv’s web presence into something that made sense for both his goals and his end users.

As always, I started with wireframes to map out the user experience:

The homepage UX mockup for SpinePro.

I wanted to make sure that in addition to making it incredibly-easy to contact Shiv from the front page, the experience would also inspire confidence in the brand.

As users scrolled down the page, they would find more and more relevant information that made the buying decision much easier:

A section dedicated to introducing prospective patients to Shiveindra.
…as well as any relevant testimonials and links to recent blog posts that appeal to his patients.

After some back and forth, we pulled all our customer insights and design decisions together to come up with the final result:

The final result of the site design for the Spine Pro.

Now here’s some insights from this design that may be relevant to you if you’re looking to build something similar:

  • The site has a very personal feel to it.  This helps potential patients connect with Shiv.
  • The site is rich with different CTAs to get visitors to connect with the brand.
  • The message of the site is very positive and closely tied to the outdoorsy nature of local Seattle residents.
  • Testimonials are key to social proof here especially when high degrees of trust are needed.

Finally, we connected Shiv up with a license from that allowed us to place educational throughout his site.  We wanted to position the brand as an authority, and if it ends up being the place that people visit to learn more about the surgeries, then it makes sense that they’d want to work with him when the time comes to undergo a procedure.

The beautiful end result of the project.


Let’s jump back to our list of goals:

  1. We need a brand on which to build a web presence Complete
  2. This web presence needs to be built to both inspire confidence in his brand and in his ability to perform the procedures in which he specializes Complete

At this point, we were totally done with the site, and after Johanna wrapped up the lovely business cards you see below here, we deployed

Shiv’s new business cards.

The Results

What did working with me do for Shiv?  How did his new brand help position him as an industry leader?

I’ll be coming back soon to fill this out once I have some tangible data to parse.

Key Takeaways

In the end, this was an extremely fun and challenging project for me.  One that helped me learn and grow as a professional dramatically.

Specifically, here’s what I learned from working with Shiv:

  • Biggest Takeaway: Often, it makes more sense to start with a smaller project first to fully understand the details of the larger one.
    • In this project, the domain we bought we more of an afterthought that it should have been.
  • Specialists are phenomenal clients as they understand the value of specialization in others as well.
  • When time is precious, brevity during calls is key.


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