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I recently had the opportunity to build out the company web presence for owner Ali Mirza at Rose Garden Sales Consulting.  This was both an awesome learning experience for me, and an opportunity to grow as a professional web consultant.

After moving to Atlanta from Winnipeg, Canada, Ali and his team were naturally very anxious to hit the ground running – and honestly, who wouldn’t be?

Let’s dive right in and take a closer look at their situation…

The Problem

The problem that RGC faced was simple: they wanted a website that both act as a place that prospective clients could go to if they’d like to learn more about their services, and they wanted that website to convert into 2 organic leads per month, and their current site was not doing that.

Although this is a very common problem we solve here at Kilobyte Studios, I wanted to dig a little deeper on the problem.  So, after our first “discovery session”, I was able to refine it down even further…

I discovered that RGC has there distinct customer segments:


Depicts 3 colored segments for each customer group for rose garden consulting. The first (and largest segment) represents corporate sales managers who would be responsible for training a large sales staff. The second largest segment is single business owners who don't have the bandwidth to sell on their own. The final segment was any business looking to hire a sales team.


We also discussed at length about how the website should feel, and how we wanted anyone visiting the site to feel.  Eventually, we distilled this down to a single quote:

I want anyone visiting the site to understand our value proposition beyond a shadow of a doubt.  I want the elegance, professionalism, and simplicity of the experience of working with Rose Garden Consulting to shine through our web presence.

There was one final piece of the puzzle that we still hadn’t discussed, and that was: you can’t convert people unless they get to your website in the first place.  So, I was of course tasked with finding a creative way to drive more traffic to their site.

By now, I had more than enough information about how to tackle the problem:

  • I had metrics for lead conversion.
  • I had the customer segments mapped out.
  • I had the desired site experience outlined in simple words.

After distilling all the notes from our road-mapping session, I started down the journey of crafting a beautiful, mobile-friendly, and conversion-focused web presence for RGC.

The Solution

So we were tasked with creating a website that was going to hit each of these goals.  The logical place to start was by building out the experience of the website for each customer segment.

We started with the corporate sales manager.  He or she would want some sort of sense of professionalism, and would likely want us to just get to the point.  We came up with this experience for the main section on the home page:




This landing page was optimized for driving RGC’s primary customer segment into their sales funnel (by scheduling a consultation).

I mean, who wouldn’t want to schedule a consultation after seeing this bad boy?

Next up, we targeted the other 2 customer segments: busy small business owners and anyone looking to hire some sales staff.  We took a moment to understand the similarities between these groups of people.

What do you think we found?

We discovered that these people are likely in a position where they need help now, and don’t want to waste much time weighing their options.  So, what do we defer to when we don’t have time to think for ourselves?

That’s right: to other people!

…what do we defer to when we don’t have time to think for ourselves?  That’s right: to other people!

We designed some mock-ups for compelling case studies and testimonials, and this is where we ended up:




At this point it became clear that the website would be very convincing to each of the customer segments, but that means nothing if nobody is reaching the site in the first place, right?  This is where the final piece of the puzzle came into play: how will we drive potential prospects to the RGC website?

We attacked this solution from 4 angles:

  1. Experiment with Google and Facebook targeted advertising to find an ideal niche.
  2. Configure the site for Google, Bing, and SEO.
  3. Leverage a content marketing strategy to bolster SEO and increase domain authority for target long-tail keywords.
  4. Setup a site newsletter to capture prospects that weren’t ready to buy, and individuals found at local networking events.

Over time, this will permit the RGC website to garner domain authority for their local niche, which will most certainly result in hundreds of organic leads every month for their business.

In the end, the final website was absolutely beautiful (see below).




As you see, we opted out of the graph on the home page as it would have been too busy, and instead leveraged a video in the background that really heavily assured potential buyers of RGC’s professional nature, and added in some more testimonials for hesitant buyers to digest.

I’m incredibly proud of this work.  It’s friendly to absolutely every device on the market and just looks fantastic throughout.

Oh, and we threw in some business cards (courtesy of Design By Jo).


But Marc, Kilobyte Studios is a web development agency – why are you setting people up with beautiful business cards!?

Good question! But really when it comes down to it we’re not selling websites: we’re selling success.

And that’s exactly what we did here.

Results (Updated on 8/23/2016)

So what?  Their business cards look fantastic, their website is phenomenal, but what’s it actually doing for them?

Let me show you:

August 2016

It’s been about nine months since we launched the site now, and I regularly have people commending the site for its beauty (we’ve actually updated the site experience – check it out).  But sure, it’s a beautiful site, but where’s the business value?

Well, to be frank, I’m planning on doing a much more in-depth business analysis for RGC pretty soon, but here’s a quick teaser:


Yep — that’s not a doctored image.  RGC is currently the second-highest ranking result for “sales consulting” (with an Atlanta location filter on the results. of course).  If you’re looking to find a sales consultant in Atlanta, who do you think Google traffic will call first?

Want some more?  Glad you asked!



Sitting at the 5th result overall for “sales consultant atlanta“.  This might not seem like a big deal, but when you consider that it’s the only result with proper English in the meta-text, you realize that people are much more likely to click on this link than the others.

Anyway, stay tuned.  I’m going to take a peek into their analytics soon and I’ll report back with some real success metrics.

February 2016

It’s only been three months since I helped RGC polish up their web presence, and they’re already ranking on the front page of google for their target keywords.

A picture of search engine results and Rose Garden Consulting is visible.

As you can see, they’re right there at the bottom, but this is just the beginning (even search for yourself if you’d like more proof).

As they continue to leverage the digital marketing strategies I left them with, we’ll watch them continue to soar throughout all their different keywords and eventually be bursting at the seams with new work.

This usually takes about 6 months to do (and I’ll admit, this particular keyword wasn’t very saturated), but I’m incredibly proud of them and cannot wait to see where they end up in 2016!

Key Takeaways

In working with Rose Garden Sales Consulting, I learned quite a bit on how to effectively deliver for our clients:

  • There is always a “right way” to do things, and it’s my job in the relationship to overlook personal preferences and do what’s right for the client.
  • Always under-promise and over-deliver.
  • Leveraging the skill-sets of others is a great way to offer more value that what you originally promised.
  • Biggest Realization: The services we offer are nothing compared to the relationships we’re establishing with our clients.  Those relationships are absolutely essential to succeeding in the consultant space.


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