FAQ — Kilobyte Studios


I've noticed a trend in some of the questions I get asked. So...here's the answers!

I often get asked a few simple questions about what I do.  I’ve compiled a list answering some of the more common ones here for your viewing pleasure!


Q: How do you do pricing?

Contrary to most freelancers, I do work on a fixed-pricing basis.  This means that before we start, I’ll give you a number for the whole project, and it won’t move (assuming the project scope doesn’t move, too!).

One thing that people often realize is that no matter what pricing model you prefer, you always end up paying a fixed price.  The difference is: with my model that final number is just more clear up front.


Q: What’s the typical turnaround time on a standard web design project?

Most of my projects have a turnaround time of about 2-3 months.


Q: How many revisions do I get?

Often, I allow up to 2 major revisions to the site before we launch.  This can vary though, so let me know up front if you want more!


Q: What are your favorite kinds of projects?

I really enjoy working on projects that are novel and interesting.  If you have a new business model and want a compelling web presence for it, I’d be very excited to hear from you.


Q: How long have you been growing your beard?

Right now, my beard it at a healthy 6 months of length.  I’m shooting for the “yeard”.